Families, Maternity, Birth, Newborn

From the moment you start your family to all the precious years after

As a busy wife and mom I know how hard it can seem to think when do I have time to take family photos? Yet year after year you will be so glad you did. Think of it as a fun family activity. Especially if you have kids. They can run around, laugh, and you can enjoy some quality time together with me as your side kick without any other distractions for an hour or so.

Even if you are only in the beginning of starting a family, it's worth it to commemorate that time with your significant other, or even just yourself. My dream is to document your life for you because I know how important it is to cherish each moment before it slips away. Whether you want to work with me to document an intimate in home family shoot, maternity, delivering of your baby, or the cutest toddler years after I will be here!

Choose a one-off session with me or create a custom package to document each wonderful next stage in your life.

Family Milestones

1. Maternity

Whether you want an intimate in home session with your partner, just yourself, or an on location session this is the time to celebrate all that you are before you become a mother.

Maternity sessions are usually taken around week 36 of pregnancy, but can be taken any other time you prefer.

2. Birth

Please see my raw birth page for more info.

3. Newborn

30 minutes to an hour

Typically taken within 2 weeks of birth but please choose a time when you feel most comfortable. Can also be first 48 which means photos are taken within the first 48 hours after birth - this can be in your place of birth or your home.

Please note that this is a safe space to nurse or tend as however needed to your baby. We can take breaks or include raw motherhood in your session.

4. Family

Can be reserved for a future family session when chosen as part of a milestones package. Otherwise, lets get a date on the books for you and your family!

Baby Milestones

5. Six months

30 minutes to an hour

Session with you and your baby at 6 months old! This is when babies first start to be more aware of their surroundings. Please feel free to include partner, or any other close family members, pets are welcome!

6. Twelve months

30 minutes to an hour

Session with you and your baby at one year old! Not applicable to a birthday party, rather an intimate home or on location session with your baby, you, your partner, and close family if wanted.

7. Eighteen months

30 minutes to an hour

Your baby is a year and a half old! They're probably walking if not running around, and its such a fun time as they start their toddler life!

My job is to tell your story and leave an indelible memory over time. I'm here to guide you in one of the best times of your life!