Become a Senior Representative!

What is a senior representative?

A senior rep is someone who is going into their senior year or high school or college and agrees to represent only one photography business until graduation. In exchange for representing Emma Bostwick Photography through social media and word of mouth you will receive free shoots throughout half your junior year and your entire senior year.

A senior rep is someone who shares and advertises for one specific business in exchange for fun experiences, new memories, and beautiful photoshoots, and gorgeous images to keep forever. Think of it kind of like a mini documentary of your life your senior year! 

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What are the requirements to apply?

You must currently be enrolled/attend a high school or college. You must be a current junior graduating with the Class of 2024. You must be willing to share images from every shoot we do together on your social media platforms at least twice a month tag me in the posts and share to your stories.

Am I required to come to all group shoots?

No, you are not required to come to the free group shoots. It is recommended so you can be a part of the full rep experience and have fresh content to share on your social media + with your friends but if you choose to not attend a shoot you will need to post photos from a previous shoot.

Can I shoot with other photographers?

No, that would defeat the purpose of being a senior representative for a photography business. You will not be able to post, share, or tag photos with any other portrait or senior photographer until your senior year is up. You will be required to sign a contract to be on the 2023 Senior Rep Team and if the contract is breached you will lose access to the senior rep perks and images.

What do I want in a senior rep?

You do not need to have a large following to be a senior rep but you do need to have a social media presence. If you aren't sure how comfortable you are in front of a camera yet that is completely okay! I will tell you everything I want you to do and I know what will make you look amazing! As time goes on this won't be an inkling of a concern and you'll feel like a pro!

If you are someone who is adventurous, kind, easy going, up for spontaneity, love having fun, a leader, someone that people look up to, and someone that isn't afraid to try new things then you will fit perfectly!

Being a part of my senior rep team is way more than just getting free photos. I want people who enjoy being a part of something, helping others, and people who have so much heart.

How many photoshoots will I be a part of?

We will do a few individual and a few group shoots. Some may be stylized but the individual ones will be catered towards you, and what makes you unique. They will be more casual and can consist of a few of your favorite outfits, while some shoots I may ask you to be more dressed up.


Like any job, if you do not show up for a shoot without notifying me there will be no rescheduling and you will be dropped from the program. You are expected to be responsible, courteous, and communicate with me as best you can about your life happenings! I totally understand unpredictable things can happen but please be respectful and let me know in advance. If you are late to a shoot it will be at my discretion to allow you to participate.

How do I refer other seniors to you?

Once you are part of my rep team you will receive a code to share with those whom you are trying to recruit. For every new client you bring me you will receive a small discount (10%) towards future sessions (whatever you want, individual, couples, family, etc.) up to 50% off for each session. Also possible are some fun little gift cards!