Raw Birth

A glistening new born baby is lifted away from the birthing parent
the birthing parent sits in a birthing bath while the second parent supports from the side
A glistening baby is lifted away from the birthing parent
A newborn wears a little hat and rest skin to skin on their parent's chest
First Touch

There are many things that go in to planning raw birth. We will go over your expectations for photography and if you have a birth plan, although births rarely go to plan. It is vital for me to connect with you, for you to feel safe inviting me into your sacred, most vulnerable space. Typically I will be on call 2 weeks before your due date and 2 weeks after. Other factors will vary that we will discuss at your initial inquiry.

"When I saw the photos I was speechless. I couldn’t stop the tears from falling. My memories of giving birth are cloudy but her way of capturing raw emotion makes it feel like I'm reliving these moments each and every time. They are so special to me. I wouldn't imagine working with anyone else for any photography needs."


There is nothing more sacred or special than birth...

I was first asked to photograph my friend's raw birth in 2019. I didn't know exactly what raw birth photography was but I knew that this was special. Birth is such an amazing thing to go through and having my friend ask if I would be willing to take on something like that for her while being so vulnerable and going through something so unpredictable I said yes without hesitation.

Before the day of the birth Amber, Randy, and I discussed what would happen when she went into labor.

I made sure that they knew they could call me at any time. First, to tell me when she was going into labor. Secondly, once she reached 6cm and then 10cm. How fast someone dilates can vary but I wanted to make sure that I was there by the time she reached 6cm as dilation could speed up or slow down. I made sure that they knew that I would not interfere but photograph their experience while being supportive, doing whatever they needed yet staying in the background. We also discussed what they would like to do if the birth took a turn for the worse or there ended up being an emergency.

Shortly before Amber's due date, her husband called me.

"So it looks like we're having a baby," he said excitedly and nervously.

I jumped in my car and headed to the hospital.

Amber was laying in her bed with the lights turned off so the room was dark. A soft purple hue glowed from the essential oil diffuser that was propped on her bedside table. Throughout the room the only sound was the soothing sound of the baby's quick heartbeat as nodes on her belly captured the pulse and transmitted it to a machine that played it throughout the entire room.

During the earlier stages of labor, Amber and Randy laid in the dark room while Randy read a book. They took a walk around the hospital floor. He helped her get in the shower and tried to ease some of her discomfort. When the contractions started to get stronger Amber decided to try a bath. Randy was so kind and attentive to his wife who was in so much pain.

Now having experienced bringing my own son into the world, sacred birth amazes me even more. I am in awe of every woman who has endured all that it takes to create such a beautiful new life.



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